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Welcome to NHRA Health & Regulatory Conference & Exhibition


The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) which was established with the mission to regulate the provision of healthcare in Bahrain is organizing its 4th and annual health regulatory conference and Exhibition which will take place from May, 2024 at the Diplomat Radisson BLU Hotel-Diplomatic Area, Kingdom of Bahrain.

After the success of its three Edition with an attendance turnout of over 900 participants from different fields within the healthcare sector of Bahrain and the G.C.C region, the conference aims to continue discussing and exploring regional and global healthcare schemes.

Dear colleagues,

It is my honor to welcome you all to the 4th NHRA-Bahrain Health Regulatory Conference and Exhibition Rooting back from its establishment, the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) Services has pursued building up a comprehensive and integrated system based on a solid set of standards that guarantees keeping the organization of health professions services at the peak of International standards, and also maintaining Bahrain’s achievements over the past decades on the international map of healthcare services.


To set a seal on the safe implementation of these purposes and to empower institutions in the health sector from all various levels and types, the Authority has secured programs that has the sole aim of attaining excellence through the means of different education tools and opening channels for communication, leading to development of systems, ways and approaches that will further help us and lead us only to thrive and soar becoming a leader in global healthcare.


In line with this approach embraced and embodied by the NHRA Facilities, it is our honor to launch the Third edition of the NHRA Facilities’ annual conference and Exhibition. With the aim of serving and gathering all the concerned groups, NHRA Facilities and individuals, and to raise the awareness about the quality of health services, shifting it from a legal obligation imposed by the State to a self-commitment that stems from the health institutions conviction.


We hope that through this conference, which begins with the partnership of institutions in the same sector, we will develop a core community, a hub of partnership and wonderful collaboration to grow an infertile land with the centrality that revolves around the quality and excellence of health services.

All wishes to this conference, to all participants and sponsors to be successful.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Mariam Adhbi Al Jalahma
CEO-National Health Regulatory Authority


On behalf of the Scientific Committee, it is my utmost pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the beautiful island of Bahrain and to the third version of  NHRA Regulatory Conference and Exhibition.

The scientific committee is gearing up to prepare a high quality educational feast that will be enriched with latest facts, research data and innovations in regulations.

This committee is inviting a panel of national and international, experts, researchers and outstanding speakers who will keep you engaged and enlightened on key topics and controversies in health regulations.

The conference will give you ample opportunity to learn , exchange ideas and network and will keep your appetite for more. I am sure you will find this conference personally rewarding and time well spent.

Conference Objective

The conference main objectives are the followings:

  1. Bring together healthcare providers, the pharmaceutical industries, healthcare organisations, patient safety, medical educators and accreditation experts from the region and the globe to share insights on implementing and managing health regulations.
  2. Attract key healthcare professionals from Bahrain and the GCC region and beyond.
  3. Bring together entities that play significant role in the regulation of the healthcare sector, including governmental healthcare decision makers, health reform and health regulation experts, pharmaceutical and drug company owners, public and private healthcare, providers, investors and interested experts in healthcare business, technology experts and solution providers under one roof in our beloved county Kingdom of Bahrain.

I am excited and looking forward to welcome you all in NHRA Conference 2024.
Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Azhar Naseeb
Scientific Committee Chairperson
Chief, Clinical Trials & Continuing Professional Development Regulations Departments – NHRA.



Be a part of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s 4th Health Regulatory Conference by marking your presence as a conference valuable sponsor. The exhibition will host the healthcare sector, including, government healthcare decision makers, health reform and health regulation experts, pharmaceutical and drug company
owners, public and private healthcare providers, investors and interested experts in healthcare business, technology experts, solution providers, and healthcare professionals.


  • Healthcare professionals
  • Medical companies
  • Medical device companies
  • Hygiene and sanitizer companies
  • Hospitals
  • Government Organization
  • Services provider to medical/healthcare sector
  • Corporates
  • Insurance Companies
  • Telecommunication and Aviation Companies